Army of Ink Wings On Feet


Army of ink 94 wings on feet

Imagine having wings on your feet….

You’d never be trodden on again.  You’d be able to see exactly what was coming.  Where you were going.  And always have a safe place escape to.

Personal Footnote:  This trooper has a Mary Poppins look about her and Mary’s known for her Super Hero qualities.  Sometimes imagining we have super powers or a super power watching over us can get us through a tough spot (spit, spot).  Wings on feet?  Very Astro Boyish.  Maybe it leaves her hands free?  To do what?  Take the world off her shoulders perhaps?  But there’s no world in the drawing?  Maybe others can’t see how much the weight of the world affects her – she just feels it.  Or could it be a muscle man (woman) pose?  Flexing her muscles and being strong?  Or it could be a shrug – ‘I don’t know, don’t ask me? I don’t have all the answers.’  Or a ‘look at me – no hands!’  And with wings on her feet she’s forever safe from falling – being hurt.  Up, up and away is such a comforting thought when things get tough.

(Clunk & Jam book, 2019.  Reposted from 2014).