Army of Ink World In Pocket

Army of Ink yoyo pockets

She put the world in her pocket and made the spinning STOP .

Personal footnote:    The yoyo?  You know when you’re yoyoing and it reaches the end of the string and at that point there’s no turning (spinning) back.  It’s finished.  No amount of tugging and pulling will get it going again – bit like a bad day or a dark space in time.  To get it going again, you have to reach down, take it into your hand, restore the string to its original place and start again.  Bit of a life lesson really.  And life can feel like that.  Like a spin that never stops.  One we feel we have no control over.  But how we ‘feel’ and the reality can be worlds apart so it’s a good thing to have regular stops to reset yourself.  Ground yourself like this girl’s feet firmly together suggest.

See previous posts….Army of Ink #88  about buoyancy…..Army of Ink #81 about going nowhere….Wax Winged Boy about failed ambition – sometimes you have to stop and check whether the spin your in is coming from aiming way too high…..or trying to be super, Super What….or wishing for Impossible Things…..