Army of Ink Only One Left



Death final 2


Occasionally she lost sight of hope. 

(Clunk & Jam, 2019 book).




Art by George Frederic Watts (1886).  Original in colour.

Martin Luther King Jr based his 1959 sermon, ‘Shattered Dreams’, on the theme of a 1886 painting called, ‘Hope’.


‘We must determine how we live in a world where our highest hopes are not fulfilled.  What does one do under such circumstances?

1.  Develop a hardness of attitude and a coldness of heart.

2.  Withdraw completely into themselves.  Such people are neither dead nor alive; they simply exist.

3.  Adopt a philosophy of fatalism.  They never actively seek to change their circumstances.

What then is the answer?

We must accept our unwanted and unfortunate circumstances and yet cling to radiant hope.  This means sitting down honestly and confronting a shattered dream.  Stare daringly at it.  Then ask yourself; ‘How can I transform this liability into an asset?  Transform thorns into a crown.’

Full sermon here.

‘Hope need not mean expectancy.

It suggests here

rather the music

which can come from

the remaining chord.’


G.F. Watts