Army of Ink Sailing Still

army of ink sailing still

A time to go – place to stay.

On this particular day, something precious came to its end.  Two breaths became one.

Footnote:  This little girl’s previous arrival is here but I’ve since found other useful layers of meaning – not relating to loss …..

A docked boat is one that has been taken out of a damaging environment for repair and restoration. It’s going nowhere right now, but it still has a place – and relevance.   I think this ‘pulling up’ process is one we have to continually engage in – and make time for.   To restore ourselves.  To stabilise and question; ‘Where to from here?’   But the pace of life too often gets in the way.  Interrupts.  And doing ‘nothing’, taking time out for ourselves, isn’t something viewed in a positive light.   So it’s the ‘stopping’ I feel in the image that’s important – and in urging us to do the same.

“A time to go – a place to stay”?  reflects not only creating a place in our lives for those who we have lost but it could also be about choosing (in our living lives) what to move away from and what to hold on to and really importantly….. what we can take from all of that’s made us who we are and use it in the building of our future selves.

And that can be a tough process in itself because we often come up against those around us who resist our endeavors to change.   And so we get stuck – like the boat on the docks.  Take for example musician Daniel Johns.  He and the music he creates is constantly (and dramatically) evolving which has meant the loss of many fans who want him to remain the ‘Silverchair’ boy.  But he refuses to get stuck. To conform.  To stray from his own personal and artistic processes in order to give people what they want.

I have the little boat tattooed on my wrist as a tribute to Mum but also a reminder to keep doing the repair work, the healing, the restoration – and the building.   To keep evolving and changing.  The solitary small flag pointing back to the solitary girl is like a salute to those who feel they’re not getting anywhere right now. It’s brave to sit with yourself.  By yourself.   It’s also brave to make these regular stops to question and work out where and how to?

Much like the little boat, this is often a painstakingly difficult process of scraping back the old layers that are no longer doing the job and undercoating yourself with all the wisdom, strength and lessons learnt from the path to who you are now.  Pass it on…it might give those around you the nod to make more regular stops along their way, as you might do more of yourself….

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