Flipper Girl – Stop The Rock


The boat ceased to rock.

Flipper Girl snipped ball and anchor and cast away from the sinking of boats rocked.  Minding her own future and sheltering in relatively calm and trouble free aquariums.

Some thoughts on this one….

To ‘Rock The Boat’ is to cause trouble.  Be a problem.  Upset the way things are – were.  Sometimes boat rocking can happen when we try to change.  Or we tell our truth.  Speak out.  Or from having a different opinion, thoughts, ideas, different experiences that sit outside the realm of what mainstream defines as ‘normal’ – ‘acceptable’.

Sometimes simply standing firm in who we are can cause waves.  The girl cradling her boat might suggest she’s taken the boat firmly into her own hands – taken back control?  Taken responsibility – for herself only, not for others.

You could further divide the boat rocking into two categories.  One, the ‘rocking the boat’ of those around us.  The other, the rocking of our own internal boat.  Our sense of calm and contentment.

I was talking to a group of people recently and I described ‘Flipper Girl’ as emerging from a sense of stepping out from taking responsibility for others.   She represents a state of independence and the knowing of what is hers to take on – and more importantly, what is not.

I wonder if her foggy goggles; the awkwardness and slowing of movement by wearing flippers; her reliance on a breathing apparatus to catch her breath; may all elude to the degree of difficulty she’s having in achieving, and holding on to, a state of calm and liberation from her previously rocky state?

There is an entire series of Army of Ink characters I wrote back in around 2009 devoted to the cause of boat rocking and championing for those who struggle to be seen and heard.  Both the Flipper Girl and Rock The Boat series will be apearing in the 2nd Edition of Clunk & Jam (due out July/August 2019).

army of ink rock the boat