Street Art Stories

Stories are at the center of everything.  The most powerful and potentially debilitating being the ones inside our head.  The stories we tell ourselves.  The erosive stories we’ve been told.  Stories formed from our experiences.  That’s why it’s so vital we have access to and seek out alternative stories that give us strength and hope.  Help us realise our full potential.  Particularly our children and young people.


Not in a ‘Be wealthy and successful and famous’ way.  But to be kind enough to ourselves that we can then go out into the world more securely and do good.  Be a thriving, kind, compassionate and caring human being.  But that starts from within.

The Army of Ink and all the characters  are the carriers of stories full of strength, hope and possibility.  They pitch an alternative to what we’re being told (and sold) through social media and popular culture.


They put a caring arm around our shoulder and keep us safe and strong.  Encourage us to think and question what makes us who we are.  Help us take back some control over our sense of self.  Our lives.  Our world.  And our future …

Find The Army of Ink including Robin Small, Amelia Bloom and Rose and Boots and their stories across five parks in Melville.  See Melville Storylines for information.  Instagram @browneink.