Wisdoms of Rose Icecream Spill

Rose icecream

Rose was accustomed to more – but settle for one none-the-less.

Rose finds decision making difficult, so she limits her choices to alleviate herself from the tiresome chore of selection.  The fact that this leaves her with very little, is of no great loss to Rose – she has (and is), enough.  Long Live Rose.

Footnote:   I know I make regular reference to the virtues of being small, but in a world that’s constantly promoting big, and potentially making us feel more insignificant (less significant), we have to champion a little harder for the small stuff.  And with consumerism and the invasion of mass media, our lives can potentially become a merry-go-round of decision making – even if it’s that conscious decision not to buy into it.   So I like this Rose.  She seems aware of the trappings of ‘wanting more’ yet holds firmly onto her single cone.  She settles for less and feels so much more for it.  Something/someone worth looking forward to.

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