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Will Everyone Please Stand .

You might stand up on the bus for old folk – but do you seek the amazing stories they tell?  This sweetie is famous for being …… 110 years old!    She’s the 58th oldest person on the planet!  What keeps her going?    She writes a monthly article for the nursing home newsletter by hand (despite her patchy education) … counts each 24 hours as a blessing … has an appreciation for the small marvels such as a pair of automatic doors that swing open to let her through … takes a day at a time …  her memory of the arrival of cars is “The horses were terrified.  They drove up the road like giant grasshoppers.”   Want to know the secret to living to a ripe old age?  According to a study by researcher Robyn Richards, personality traits like low neuroticism, anger and hostility; low impulsivity; high conscientiousness; and low depression could hold the key.

Found her in the Weekend Australian Magazine May 1-2.2010