Stormie’s Space


Stormie photo


Met Stormie in his studio –  a tall warehouse style space, lined with canvas’ giant and small.  Furniture with wheels for regularly rearranging his space.  He’s lived on the streets (by choice) and credits his Grandmother for teaching him about personal responsibility.  Flunked art at school.  Is quiet, unhurried, warm and kind.  Has done a load of community work over the years.  Talks about having ‘a depressive gene’ but  never been debilitated by the illness of depression – in fact, he views the dark gene as a gift that fuels his work.


stormie drawers


He collects old draws from verge pickup piles, drawn to them by the craftsmanship and joinery – the  stories and personal possessions they once held.


stormie scrap book

He keeps scrap books full of pictures, concert tickets, cafe receipts – and people’s ‘lost’ shopping lists.


stormie scrap

stormie scrap 4

stormie scrap book 2

Greatly admires the work of Shaun Tan – particularly his book, The Red Tree. Kindly contributed art to the new Black Dog website home page.   Thanks Stormie.