Who holds the mirror?


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Who Holds The Mirror .

Sometimes the reason we feel so bad is because we allow others to ‘hold the mirror’.  To alter how we perceive ourselves.  Influence and determine how we feel.   One of the hardest tasks is to be able to see and hold onto a clear and positive view of ourselves because we’re being constantly bombarded with toxic messages.  An overload of choice that can tie us up in an endless spin of decision making.  Add to this, the noise and the race to be and get somewhere and the fatigue all of this causes.

Question …. amidst all of this, how do we recognise and keep a firm grip on the good in ourselves?   How do we maintain the energy it takes to stand firm in our own place and resist negative influences and all that makes us feel less, pulls us off course, interrupts our progress?  What happens when you hold yourself still, in your own space for long enough to see through the fog and smog.   What do you see?   What’s real?  What’s a product of your experiences and circumstances – those around you?   What’s worth keeping – and what’s way passed its use by date?

(See also ‘A Date With Use-By’.  Image by Harley Manifold from book, In My Room.)