The above campaign was released back in 2007 but it still sends an accurate message about our toxic culture and media and of the cleverness and manipulative nature of advertising.  But let’s not be  fooled …..this beauty product company’s ultimate agenda is to sell more beauty products to us from the exposure this campaign gave them -and the feel good it gives viewers.  And yes, by posting this, I’m giving them more exposure but hopefully also prompting some critical thinking to combat that.

More about this company’s clever sell previously featured on Black Dog here. Bra Wars is worth a revisit on this topic as is Hanky Panky.   Follow the signs.  Pleasa Sava Mona And No Idea.  Strange Motivation is a funny but true clip (featuring a Hippo) which reflects the blow to our self esteem and body image from constantly comparing ourselves to others – and the perfect people in the ads.  Pass it on to all the critical thinkers you know…..