Pleasa Sava Mona

please sava monaplease sava mona

The changing face of beauty .

In a waiting room I picked up a plastic surgery magazine.  The fact that plastic surgery is being promoted as a fashionable commodity is alarming.    I think we should be alarmed by the cultural movement towards the attainment of perfection – and the abundance of sexed up chicks and soft porn images that surrounds us – and our kids.  And it’s not just women who are suffering from the promotion of an unattainable ideal.  It’s men and kids too.  Talk to young people and most of them don’t like what they look like.  It causes them great agony – and it’s stopping them in their tracks.  So let’s just keep questioning the ‘ideal’ being promoted on telly, in magazines, on catwalks, movies and stages – in doctors surgery waiting rooms.  Value originality and imperfection – and get mad at advertising companies for tampering with art.  Please pass this message on, this ideal needs to be challenged …