Strange Motivation


Catfish Tale

Catfish Tale .  (From movie, ‘Catfish’)

They used to tank Cod from Alaska, all the way to China.  They’d keep ’em in vats in the ship.  By the time the Cod fish reached China, the flesh was moosh.  And tasteless.   So this guy came up with the idea of, that if you put these Cods in these big vats, put some Catfish in with ’em, and the Catfish would keep the Cod agile.  And there are those people who are Catfish in life.  They keep you on your toes.  They keep you guessing.  They keep you fresh.  And I thank God for the Catfish, ’cause we’d be droll, boring and dull if we didn’t have somebody nipping at our fin.”    

Charcoal illustration by Tyler Davis found at