Think You Want


really want

Do you want what you think you want ?

Why is it that we feel so pressured and pushed to seek more?  Do more?  Be more?  Do big and incredible things.  Reach for ‘up there’.  What if your ‘self’ is more content in place than size?  Is actually repelled by what everyone else wants.  What they have and seek.  Isn’t simply being as close to real and true to yourself an applaudable mark of personal success?  Isn’t that the greatest thing you could hope to find – and give.  To tread your own path and not on others on your way – being kind in life and journey?  To STOP.  Think.  Question.  Not conform.  To have little or no idea where you’re going but have enough of that childlike sense of wonder to embrace the mystery.  Explore.  Be free of the constraint of;  “When I grow up I want to be….”  And just be?  Which brings us back to the question…. “Do you want what you think you want?”   Picture by Maurice Sendak who wrote and illustrated the book, ‘Where the wild things are’.