BOy What Comes Next

Boy what comes next

BOy is often told; “You know what you’ve got coming to ya!”  But when BOy doesn’t.  When BOy gets it wrong.  Does it  make what he got – right?  And why should  BOy have to be brave in the face of the cowardly acts of others?   Why does he think he should be able to get there in time to change the course of bad things?   Will he remain forever frozen on the edge of anticipation?     Will there come a time when it’s safe for BOy to say “I don’t know?”   When BOy is encouraged to feel and react to his own emotions and pain?  When he can warmly and sensitively console  another – BOy?   Say ‘yes – it hurts’ and ‘no – that’s wrong’ ?   To thaw and skip like stones beyond his tightly bound existence?   We live in hope?  I wonder ……. and I’m sorry to a BOy who had to swallow a punch the other day …

Footnote:  He was sitting on a bench seat with his Dad.   We were gathered chatting the small talk of strangers.  I’m not sure what the BOy did but his Dad, a tight ball of muscle, delivered a punch to his tender five year old arm.   This BOy will wear a bruise for his trouble – whatever it was.   And no-one said anything.  We too, just swallowed.  I’m not sure what we could have done.  I wonder if my cowering glance and regretful, helpless smile sided in some small way with his own feeling of  being wronged.   And I’m afraid it wasn’t enough.

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