BOy Left Home

boy leaving home

BOy culture seems to load lads up – sometimes, with more than BOy can bear.  And if  BOy can’t bear it – saying so isn’t an encouraged option, because BOy is supposed to be tough – right?    Or maybe it’s BOy culture that’s wrong?   Maybe BOy should be valued for his sensitivity, honesty, authenticity, difference and ability to grow and evolve beyond the confines of  BOy stereotyping –  rather than his worth being measured by size, strength, toughness and how much he can do? 

Footnote:  I had a refreshing conversation with a bloke a while back, who talked about his close friend who’d taken his own life.  His honesty was astounding.  He recalled a conversation he’d had with his mates over drinks at the funeral wake.  He said the guys were all saying how they wished their mate had talked to them, told them how bad he was feeling.   And this guy said, “Bullshit!   If he’d told us we’d probably all have called him a ‘pussy’ and told him to toughen up.”   I think that moment of honesty separated the man from the BOys.    And I’d also seen a little five year old BOy cry recently as his Dad clipped him on the shoulder and told him to ‘toughen up’ and not be ‘such a sook’.   Maybe it’s not about BOy being a ‘sook’ – but BOy culture being way too tough?  

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