Head To The Place

this must be the place

this must be the place type

Movie of the year for me this one.  Chocker block full of magic one-liners, moments and music (Talking Heads and Iggy Pop and the main character looks remarkably like Robert Smith of The Cure – see Cure before here).   There’s a dumbfounding concert scene and Sean Penn’s character (a great observer of reality) is hard to take your eyes off – and mind, long after the movie.  A play over and over again one.  The movie also stars Eve Hewson, who I’m sure gets tired of being referred to as the daughter of a certain lead singer of a certain giant rock band – so I won’t.


Dance scene in the movie.  Previous favourites … Pulp Fiction and  A Single Man (a film that sensitively blends tragedy and beauty – the dance scene’s magic.)