Dear Victoria



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Something is coming… This time, not giant fingers of flame.  Or swirling clouds carrying fire not rain.  It is the Kookaburra laughing in the face of times so tough.  The Roo springing back through broken bushes with pouches full of seeds to sew .  Koalas feasting on dripping leaves, hugging branches now long cooled.  Galahs that squawk and grumble lining new-found homes with feathers soft for a brand new life to hatch.  The Eagle that soars close steering fear filled eyes to a sky now not of flame – but hope.  And a time once held so terrible still is moved by the rumbling march of close and distant friends.   Spring invites the tears to flow into blackened soils that grow a new beginning.

Footnote:  Written in response to the Victoria bush fires in February 2009.

(Clunk & Jam book)