Drawing a Line


drawing a line in sand


Drawing A Line .

The sun sets to draw a line on horizon and at water’s edge.  It is a final moment.  An acceptance of the smallness which is just the right fit for a mind’s long search for a place.

Footnote:  I am at my most comfortable  and content, with small (and personal).  Small things, small ideas, small places, small steps, a small circle of friends and a small ‘to do’ list – despite a world continually pitching the notion of big and super and mega.   This piece came from time spent this year attempting to ‘power down’ (using a friend’s expression) – shrinking things down to a more manageable and sustainable size.  ‘Personal sustainability’ it could also be called perhaps.   So if you’re feeling overwhelmed?  Try on… small, intimate, precious.  Tick, tick, tick.   (And a thank you to Ruth, for loaning me Alex’s precious old book called,  ‘World of Wonder’ in which these beautiful images were found.)  Find poem in Clunk & Jam book.