Home So Sweet


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Home So Sweet .

There was a fine woman, who opened a fine house, that fed appetites lost from patches laced with weathering sticks – woven by hand and time. She offered a piece of her welcoming world and a heart rich like the earth she lovingly engraved.  A home full of sweet delights.  Where black felt bows and creamy cloth wrap around you like a shawl and cocoon the soul so snug. Where the rush to do, to see, to be, is held effortlessly still by orchard, earth and sky.  And moments seem so endlessly full, they linger like a week.  And when it’s time to go, you know you never really leave.  For when the mind now wanders far or night does suddenly fall, memories of stars never so bright that cast a dome of wonder over such a rare and precious place – keep friendships fresh and memories forever close.

Find in Clunk & Jam book.  Ruth’s farm, Yallingup Western Australia.