My Place


my place 3


My Place .

Truth is my sanctuary.  A place I enter by trusting there is another place I can be.  It’s slow.  A little reclusive.  Painful and confronting because I’m keeping company with emotions I’ve spent my life trying to escape.  Vulnerable, because I’m sitting in my insecurities.  Pursuing what I deeply care about.  Unsettling, because life, through the eyes of truth, reveals both the beauty and the beast of it.  Overwhelming, due to the acceptance of personal responsibility to create a life that soothes the pain of truth – nurtures new growth.

Lonely, from conceding that ultimately it is self-reliance that will create and secure my destiny. Sad, from accepting my past is over.  Compassionate, from the realisation that I cannot effortlessly accept myself.  And acknowledging the degree of consciousness it’s going to take to be content with who I am.  Liberated, because the time has come to move – and from having the freedom to explore what awaits.

A stillness, from reaching a place where I feel more comfortable being different than fitting in.  Where I feel a calm but intensely emotional sense of coming home.

Poem from book, ‘In My Room’.   Artwork Ash Browne.  Design Harley Manifold.