Virtual Cake Shop


cake shop


Virtual Cake Shop .

Wonder about the disconnect within the world of screens …

Imagine….peering through a cake shop window.  The longing.  The want.  The drool.  A space you desire to enter – and know you can.  Through the glass, see the temptations before you.  Grasp the definite depth and dimension of space occupied by cake on tray and shelf – in mind.  Feel the common ground you share – the inside and out.  The reality of the moment, not before or beyond, but right before your eyes.

Stand fixed to the common ground between you (cake and mouth), in a world you both belong – sliced in temporary two.  Now imagine … the shelves begin to move towards you.  The box space of the window flattens to a screen.  And the place through which you were once connected, narrows to nothing.

Gone…. is the act of entering through a welcoming door into the warm space of another.  The possibility for taste, sniff and touch.  Gone … are we on a ‘pie crust promise’ from an endless space.  Gone … is reality.  The time and space to sit and wonder.  And wonder we should, if the loss includes the joy of personal discovery.  The capacity for the mind to bend, stretch and strengthen through real lives fully and truly lived.  Going, going, gone is the wisdom once held by the earth and sky of a planet in no rush.

Then….’Ding-a-ling’ goes the bell on the cake shop door and you step into the faithfulness of the sniff and taste – and touch.

Footnote:  Photo taken in St Kilda, Melbourne.  A ‘pie crust promise’ is a Mary Poppins line – ‘Easily made – easily broken’.

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