Street Art in Art Centre



Fremantle Art Centre paste-ups of Rose and Robin.  In the 1860’s the Fremantle Art Centre was then a lunatic asylum where women and children (as young as 9) were locked up for being considered socially deviant; not being sound of mind; having a child out of welock; a disability; drinking too much; or discarded by their husbands for  behaving badly.  They were referred to as prisoners on arrival, had their heads shaved and were given second hand prison uniforms patterned with convict ‘bread arrow’ symbols.  With no therapy, many stayed 20-4o years or until they died.

The hope is that the spirits of these women and children are slightly soothed by Rose and Robin’s quiet presence within its walls.



Today the Fremantle Art Centre is a thriving community hub where families picnic in the safe, shady grounds; people attend music concerts and art exhibitions;  do art courses; and relax within the beautiful historic walls and surrounding gardens.