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Write On .

I flunked English (and art) and dropped out of school.    But I’ve since found reading, writing and drawing provides an essential power source.  So even if you struggle with reading, writing, spelling, or your writing’s messy, you can’t draw – keep your mind open to these mediums.  And wouldn’t we all have a stronger sense of identity and place if they made studying your ‘Self’ as important a topic as English and Maths at school?   And music, art, poetry and film were on the book-list for this subject.  But it’s never too late to make your ‘self’ a topic to study – to seek a greater knowledge and understanding of who we are and explore the possibilities of who we can become.  And if through this more people felt more comfortable and at peace with themselves (and difference), and more solid in their sense of place in the world – wouldn’t society (the world) stand to gain from this collective of more educated and contented selves?  See also this post for an inspiring story about a girl who picked up an ink pen despite being told at school her writing was messy and spelling all wrong.  The beautiful book, ‘Rock The Boat’, full of her handwriting, is available in the website shop.