February 4, 2014 - Wisdom of Rose Book

wisdoms of rose book

To have and to hold Rose in this little book is to feel calm, confident, carefree and completely at home. I call Rose, ‘the unbroken girl’.  The one whose life hasn’t been tainted by nasty experiences – so she offers a great sense of possibility.  A role model – someone to aspire to be.  The collection of 13 beautiful, self empowering Roses (featured on PUBLICATIONS webpage) are now available in the website SHOP as both a postcard collection and unique handmade book.


rose page edges 3

The pages are carefully torn from a thread-bound art journal to create its raw and sensual edge and the stories are typed on a genuine old typewriter.  You can view all the Roses by clicking on ‘Wisdoms of Rose’ in the topic list or simply click here.  She’s also available from Browne Ink Studio.

wisdoms of rose card collection

November 26, 2013 - Wisdoms of Rose Holding Hands

Wisdoms of Rose Hold the Box

Rose took her life into her own hands .

Rose does things her own peculiar way, never relinquishing personal plans of the most unconventional type.  She confidently makes unadvised decisions which often place her outside of all things mainstream.  Rose fully embraces this difference, the unique directions she plots, and the independence her own decision making affords her.  She works within a space-like time frame, creating objects galore that keep her safe and sound in mind – and well outside the orbit of others.  Long Live Rose.

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September 19, 2013 - Wisdoms of Rose suitcase packed


wisdoms of rose suitcase

Rose was a complete stranger to rejection because she never gave anything away – and what she had wasn’t up for grabs .

Rose keeps close to chest the many varied and precious pieces that make up her belongings – and herself.  This commitment and loyalty she exhibits ensures Rose remains a one and only, high creative traveler of poetic and art-filled paths – to wherever she happens to arrive.  Long Live Rose.

August 8, 2013 - Wisdoms of Rose Bat Girl

Wisdoms of Rose Bats out

Rose doesn’t give much away – but tells it like it is.

Rose is a great observer of reality.  She has altering points of view about what she sees which she states clearly without any expectation of popularity, reply – or following.  Rose’s preferred working and living environment is that of real and natural surrounds, beyond suburbia when possible or in her humble and slightly untidy home – with windows wide open.  Long Live Rose.   View previous Roses here.  Pass the bunch  onto a friend ….

July 18, 2013 - Wisdoms of Rose Origin of Sadness

Wisdoms of Rose origin of sadness

Rose was very curious about the origin of sadness .

Rose welcomes all forms of feeling with a particular interest in ones of the socially unacceptable kind.  She has pioneered many expeditions into the realms of fear, sadness, anger, disillusionment and horrible muddled states of mind with quite profound results and a significant degree of personal resolve.  Long Live Rose.

Personal footnote:  We’re often not encouraged to feel what are often termed, ‘negative’ emotions – like anger and sadness.  This Rose seems to be suggesting that ‘to feel is to be real’.  To be able to personally progress and move actually requires the acceptance and riding out all emotions – and viewing them as valuable modes of transport to a better places rather than weakness and flaws in our character.

July 4, 2013 - Wisdoms of Rose Away With The Birds

Wisdoms of rose bird days

Sometimes Rose couldn’t account for the hours in her day .

Although Rose meets each day with a slight brief, she often drifts off, leaving her with no recollection of time gone astray – and where she was when it went.  She relishes this sweet form of freedom and the fruitful outcomes that arise from times when she does nothing of great significance at all – except maybe concentrating on her breathing.  Long Live Rose.

Personal footnote:  In a world where the rush to do, to see, to be is so overwhelming at times, Rose’s footsteps are calm ones to follow – along with her ‘away with the birds’ philosophy that defies the more uptight others view of this being laziness.