August 23, 2009 - The Turtle Club

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The Turtle Club .

They arrived burdened by an unbearable load, for they had traveled an unenviable road.  Harmed by acts we profess not to condone, young lives who once retreated in silence – alone.  Courageously they cast off dark toughened shells, spoke untold truths in a place safe to tell.  Hurting hearts and troubled souls they bared, free from eyes of judgement – downward glares.

Group strength resonated to fill every inch, as they confronted experiences that would make even the toughest skins flinch.  Like soldiers returning from a war over and won, a close circle  formed- movement begun.  Held safely by newly opened hands outreached, wise souls unite to soothe and to teach.

Raw emotion spilling freely into unclenched fists, supported in moments of pain – moments of bliss.  They discovered a realm where they could openly weep.   Safe beds that held them while they peacefully sleep.  They shared stories and direction towards new places to begin.  Revealed personal gifts – untapped potential within.  Cushioned by kindness fresh insight they saw, felt intimacy – a level of  trust not experienced before.

Dripping tears were caught not from sadness alone, but an unfamiliar warmth that moved  them deep to the bone.  They faced conflict without violence, forced silence – savage blows.  Experienced peaceful resolve through self expression -having a go.  Now awakened from experiences once too painful to look, they prepare to step from their new-found nook.   Each returning to softer linings within their cleansed shells.  Now they stand – where once they fell.

Footnote:  Written in 2008 about the young people on Youth Focus camps.  Art from ‘Collected’ exhibition, produced and collected by and in memory of Sonny Leong.