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October 29, 2021 - Robin Small – Wearing The Hurts


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‘Robin Small wandered wide in avoidance of – all things hard to touch.’

(Reposted from 9.10.2018)

Footnote:  The initial thread of Robin’s story ‘avoidance of all things hard to touch’, might elude to the trouble he has getting close, or being close with others.  Touching – or being touched.  Feeling the pain of loss or disappointment.  His avoidance of feeling things at all?  Maybe Robin Small finds it difficult to connect with things deep within himself?   But maybe he’s also contemplating taking a small step towards trusting again – taking a risk?

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October 25, 2018 - Introducing Robin Small



Introducing Robin Small 

His future lay unbound….Although inspired by the Super Hero of ancient times, Robin Hood, Robin Small is not the crusading sort, he’s more of an outsider who is simply heroic in his own time. He is apprehensive within the modern world, yet stands firmly in his vulnerability. He is wise and brave in his own life and journey – and the steps he takes towards a future of his own making.

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October 23, 2018 - Robin Small Held Tight


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Held tight by a constant hesitation, for a time, Robin’s world remained unchanged – as did he.

Footnote:   Robin seems to be a quietly brave lad, who may have undisclosed or hidden doubts and fears.   Maybe he’s standing still and taking his own time to work things out?  Maybe he’s not ready to go anywhere right now?   Do anything?

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October 20, 2018 - Robin Small Stands Alone


robin small hands


Robin Small was unbearably awkward in pubic and so began the battle of – what to do with hands .

Footnote:  Not everyone sits comfortably in the world or in social situations.   Which isn’t a weakness.  Simply a difference.  It’s brave to explore where you feel you ‘fit’ in in the world.  To not deviate under the pressure to conform.


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July 25, 2018 - Robin Small Answers


robin small answers


Robin Small struggled to find what seemed so forever elusive – the answer .

Footnote:  Robin seems to hold a flag for the sense of wonder and mystery that was more afforded in years gone by, than in our world today.   Answers don’t always come easy, and sometimes there aren’t answers to everything.  But Robin, although struggling, doesn’t seem (entirely) defeated by the struggle.  Or the elusiveness of answers.  He’s tentative?  Undecided?  Maybe ready to step or move?  And those new paths often open up from not giving up when there seems no answer, but by having the determination to keeping seeking and exploring and examining what doesn’t make sense.   Responding in your own way to whatever uncertainty arises and whatever struggle arises from it?

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July 3, 2018 - Robin Small Wells


robin small wells

As choices lay before him, Robin whirled in the – well, well, well.

Footnote:  Robin appears to be in a zone of great uncertainty – and cautiousness.   He could be anticipating the next step?    The ‘well, well, well’ could suggest he’s weary of the waiving finger of disapproval?  Or maybe the ‘well, well, well’ relates to a discovery he has made?

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