July 29, 2017 - Army of Ink Will I Won’t I



She Didn’t Have To Know Everything.

(Reposted from 2011.  Find her in ‘Clunk & Jam’ book.)

July 29, 2017 - Army of Ink – Just One More

Army of Ink Just One More Day Final

Just one more …

It’s hard when things end.  When you really, really want them to keep going.  To last forever.

Footnote:  This ‘Ink’ could be suggesting an eventual shrinking of the loss.  An end to the slide.  And perhaps even new growth  – in herself.  Her arrival and the hopeful spin on her meaning was influenced by the music and message ‘Never Give Up – Find Your Own Way Home’ by Sia.  Suggesting  … the secret to change could well be in the building?


May 26, 2017 - Army of Ink The Reveal


army of ink revealing

The curtain lifted to reveal, not a stage, but her long forgotten place.


(Reposted from 2011.  Find her in Clunk & Jam book,2019)

January 26, 2017 - Army of Ink Temple Tall



Rapunzel, Rapunzel.  Don’t Let Yourself Down.

Once upon a short time ago, there was a girl with plaits so black she cut the tie with big chunky scissors believing it would bring her eternal silence.  But it left her with nothing at all to distill her teaming thoughts.  So she gathered her litter of locks and spun them into a spiraling lace that grew circles around her temple tall keeping her forever safe.

Most days you’ll find her growing tomatoes out the back.

(Clunk & Jam book, 2019.  Drawing from Youth Focus camp, 2007.)

November 19, 2016 - Army of Ink Because She Mattered




November 12, 2016 - Army of Ink Dance For You


army of ink put your dress down

Put Your Dress Down .

Shame on you, and you, and you.  Hiding truth.   Not feeling lies.  I lifted up – they put me down.   I got gobbled up by cracks in frowns.  Now I wear no silky touch.   Or dish out shouts, it hurts too much.   Duck for cover or run and hide.  I bare nothing more than those who lied.  Play in pages nice to look.  Connect up pieces they once took.    And when I spin maybe they’ll see.  But it’s not for them.   I dance for me.

(Reposted from 2011)