November 17, 2015 - To Paris With Hope

Amelia Bloom arrived last year in response to the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris.  She continues to stand by her messages of hope for Paris – and the world.  Please help deliver this small offering by sharing a link to this post through your Facebooks and social media sites.  Print English version here.

Amelia Bloom est arrivé l’année dernière en réponse à l’attaque de Charlie Hebdo à Paris . Elle continue de se démarquer par ses messages d’espoir pour Paris – et le monde . S’il vous plaît aider à fournir cette petite offrande en partageant un lien vers ce post par vos Facebooks et sites de médias sociaux . Imprimer French version ici .

amelia bloom worry bank 4

amelia bloom worry bank text

Amelia Bloom rêvé chaque coin de rue avait une banque de l’inquiétude que tout le monde se sentait en sécurité .



amelia bloom cloud 1

amelia bloom cloud 2

amelia bloom petal cloud text

Amelia Bloom fleurs rêvé augmenté dans les nuages ​​et leurs pétales volé à tous les coins sombres du monde .


bloom balloon

Amelia Blooms balloon

Amelia Bloom rêva qu’elle pourrait transformer le monde en quelque chose d’utile pour qu’elle n’a pas eu à vous en inquiéter plus .


amelia bloom pockets stock

amelia bloom 2

Amelia Bloom rêvait son label , avec des poches pleines d’amour , d’espoir et infini vendus sur le premier jour.


amelia bloom love signs 2

amelia bloom love signs text

Amelia Bloom rêvait poteaux de signalisation ont été faites de miroirs en forme de cœur pour que chacun puisse voir le bien dans leur propre réflexion.

amelia sea breeze

amelia bloom sea breeze text

Amelia Bloom rêvait la brise de mer la suivait partout .


amelia bloom paris

amelia bloom 4

… Et Paris était à sa porte .


See also, ‘Boy Wished for Impossible Things’.  ‘Impossible Things Between the Twin Towers’.  ‘World Won’t Wait’.   Some magic from France.


January 17, 2015 - When Everything Is Broken


amelia bloom

“Amelia Bloom understands how broken everything is….so invests in dreaming, not only for her self, but for everyone else – which is romantic.”  A friend’s  interpretation on reading Amelia’s stories.  See below….

January 17, 2015 - Amelia Bloom Dreams For Paris

amelia bloom petal cloud

Amelia Bloom dreamed flowers grew in clouds and their petals flew to all the dark corners of the world.


bloom balloon

Amelia Bloom dreamed she could turn the world into something useful so she didn’t have to worry about it anymore.


amelia bloom worry bank 4

Amelia Bloom dreamed every street corner had a worry bank so everyone felt safe.


amelia bloom pockets stock

Amelia Bloom dreamed her label featuring pockets full of love, hope and endlessness sold out in the very  first day.


amelia bloom love signs 2

Amelia Bloom dreamed sign posts were made of heart-shaped mirrors so everyone could see the good in their own reflection.


amelia sea breeze

Amelia Bloom dreamed the sea breeze followed her everywhere.



amelia bloom paris

… and Paris was on her doorstep.


Footnote:   Amelia arrived on my page the evening the news broke about the attack on Charlie in Paris. Her stories and images came to mind late at night and I typed notes into my phone.  The next morning I began drawing and Amelia Bloom came to life.  Even in the darkest of times, dreams we do have – and can hold.  And I think her final message, ‘and Paris was on her doorstep’, is perhaps a small effort to reclaim Paris as the city of beauty, light and liberty?   Please share Amelia’s dreaming (and the hope), by passing this on….

January 13, 2015 - Amelia Blooms Balloon

bloom balloon

Amelia Blooms balloon

Amelia Bloom appeared on my page this week.  So many terrible things have been happening and it can be difficult to keep being hopeful amid the sadness and all things bad.  This little person has found a strange and artful way to keep dreaming good things despite the despairing things that surround her.