March 30, 2015 - Army of ink I Want To Get Off




STOP!  I want to get off! 

Sometimes I go around and around and around – just in case I’ve missed something.  This little girl was caught in a spin, going faster and faster fearing those waiting would lose faith in her ever finding her way.  But when she did finally get to where she was going, she realised it was she who needed the lift.  This discovery released her from the endlessness of the spin that nearly drove her mad and put the brakes on her frantic drive to continually deliver.

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March 16, 2015 - Army Of Ink Give It Back


army of ink give it back 2

Give It Back .

Sometimes people take things that belong to me.  I’ll help you find it again.

(Find her in Clunk & Jam, 2019, ’21 Friends’ Series.)

February 3, 2015 - Army of Ink Beauty Is Awake



army of ink beauty is awake


Beauty Is Awake .

Some places were so dark she didn’t want to go there.  But once she’d looked under the bed – she didn’t have to sleep in the middle anymore.

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, and along came a spider and she said;  “Here.  Pull up a seat.”  For beauty is awake you see, to the stories they spin so she can’t break free.  So now she sits in itsy, bitsy fright, dreaming sweet dreams in day and in night.

Find her in Clunk & Jam book.

December 6, 2014 - Army of Ink – Bags The Back Seat


army of ink bags the back seat

Bags The Back Seat .

I like it up the back.  Where I can see without them looking.  Explore heads and collars.  The strings of puppets.  Sit unfrozen in a seat unworn.  Read the whispers.  Tip toe away when I want to go home.

(Originally from ‘Rock The Boat’ series.  Now in Clunk & Jam book, 2019)

November 17, 2014 - Army of Ink Key Turn


toy girl

Sometimes she felt like a wind-up toy that’s lost its key .

Footnote:  This ink arrived after a friend of mine told me this was how she was feeling.  When I sent her the little girl she asked why the key was part of her head – and why so big?   Maybe she’s showing us that the key’s actually been there all along. Perhaps she just lost sight of her own ability to get herself going again? Turn key not lost at all – just run down.   Or she’s become unraveled by certain circumstances.  The key to getting going again might be in questioning (and in future, avoiding) what initiated her current unraveled state?  Well worth some further thought (as her large thinking cap might suggest).

(Clunk & Jam book, 2019)

October 8, 2014 - Army of Ink Trouble With Leaving


Army of Ink dress jam in box

The trouble with leaving….

Footnote:  Often the girls arrive with a whole pile of questions. And from the sorting, comes a degree of clarity, direction and understanding.  Questions are like openings…. Where’s she going?  Is she leaving?… Or going? … Taking off… To where?  Moving on …or getting away?  Are these actions all the same or are there subtle differences?  What’s holding her back?  Keeping her there?

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