October 1, 2014 - Army of Ink Salute


salue girl 2

Army of Ink Salute .

The Army of Ink salutes all the girls who got lost.  Those who wish to remain unfound.  All the tiny souls that skipped from one to forever, never felt the kiss of a prince and lived unhappily ever after in a dress up box.  Now we’re lifting the lid.  What about the boys?  They can play too.

(Reposted from 2010)

August 21, 2014 - Army of Ink Pockets Full of Hiding


Army of Ink waffle pants girl

She forever hoped that noone would ever find what she spent every waking hour hiding – and hiding from .

Personal footnote:  We all have secrets – and secret fears.  And sometimes we have ‘leftover’ fears, the ones we experienced long ago and the threat is actually long over but we feel the fear and respond to it like it’s still fresh and real.  This ‘ink’ seems to be suggesting an emptying of pockets to free herself from the lingering things that may still confine her – and/or define her in a negative light.

For some of us, our greatest task in life is to rewire our minds and the ingrained responses it triggers by challenging those fears – replacing them with new experiences.  Think … re-filling our pockets with good stuff.   Re-shaping ourself.  And each time you have a win (or even fail) you get stronger and more confident in doing things you once avoided.  Didn’t think you could do.  Her arrival seems to pose questions like… what’s stopping you making changes in your life?  What are you afraid of?  What are you hiding?  Hiding from?  What’s stopping you going places outside of your comfort zone?  ‘Feel the fear It’s how we grow.  Her waffle pants seem to suggest space for the filling – room to move?

(She appears in Clunk & Jam, 2019)

July 26, 2014 - Army of Ink Collecting Thoughts


Army of ink hand on heart and book

She put her hand on her heart while she carefully collected her thoughts.

Her heart was threatening to launch itself right out of her chest.  She felt she was losing hold of what was real and what was not.  So she took herself aside to a quiet spot with truth firmly in hand, in heart and in somewhere in the book.

Footnote:  She looks almost ready for blast off in those heels, but someone suggested perhaps quiet, considered steps might be a safer way to travel.

June 30, 2014 - Army of Ink World In Pocket


Army of Ink yoyo pockets

She put the world in her pocket and made the spinning STOP .

Footnote:  When yoyoing sometimes it reaches the end of the string and at that point there’s no turning (spinning) back.  It’s finished.  No amount of tugging and pulling will get it going again.  Much like a bad day.  A tough time where you feel stuck.  To get it going again, you have to reach down, take it into your hand, restore the string to its original place and start again.  And life can feel like that.  Like a spin that never stops.  One we feel we have no control over.  But how we ‘feel’ and the reality can be worlds apart so it’s a good thing to have regular stops to reset yourself.  Ground yourself like this ‘Inks’ boots might suggest.

June 19, 2014 - Army of Ink Group Huddle


Army of Ink never lost bunch

What are we going to do girls?

Footnote: The ‘Inks’ usually arrive on their own but one day things were really, really hard and so they all arrived together.  Sometimes we have to call on others to help us work things out.

(Clunk & Jam book, 2019).

June 13, 2014 - Army of Ink Bunny Magic


army of ink magic hat

They thought they’d made her disappear.  But giving up wasn’t in her repertoire .     

(Clunk & Jam book).