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June 24, 2010 - A Week Away

fiona poem

A Week Away .

Sit in awe and wonder of a woman who wears her possible fate in a way that marks a question on the mirrors of us all.  For nothing is ever more beautiful that pure courage and truth shared in the absence of fear.   While she may feel there is now little she can give – she has never been so full.  And despite energy low and time much shorter than most, she commits to home made juices, savouring every dip of spoon – offering a recipe for us all.

Her touch is void of hurry, lingering long and toasty warm.  And the serenity of her space sits you firmly in your seat and somewhere goes your list of ‘things to do’.  The treat is the mischievous sparkle that skips across tiring eyes to reveal a woman who’s swapped ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ to invite little girls to play.  And we do.  Following her shuffling slippers on legs we joke are now so fashionably thin and a bottom all but gone.  She steps into her garden world, full of birds she points high in gums.  Willy Wagtails snapping insects in her wake.

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May 17, 2010 - Hanky Panky

BLOG barbie

Now in my day ……  oh but it’s true, my B girl (note not plural – it was acceptable to just have one back then), had ski suits and full length ball gowns.  Now they’re wearing black guy traps and I’m not sure if that’s fake tan or an attempt to be politically correct?  If you’re a Ken then check out this one on male body image … and these articles written by ABC’s Geraldine Mellet … one on sexualising little girls … another about women’s magazines setting every woman up to fail when they look in the mirror.  Who holds the mirror is another related to this topic … OR click on the Body and Self Image in the TOPIC list on the right to view all articles on this topic.

August 25, 2009 - Army of Ink Ride In A Pumpkin

army of ink ride in pumpkin

Ride In A Pumpkin .

Mirror, mirror on the wall.   I may not be the fairest of them all.  But my chin is up and I still stand tall.  And as the stars all rise up high.   I will not kiss myself goodbye.   I hold told the feather that helps me fly.

This little soldier finally realised that being the fairest isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and looking up to stars can be dangerous – especially when they fall.  And that ‘way up high’, ‘over the rainbow’ and climbing the ladder are sometimes dangerous places to try to reach.  And too far away to possibly get there on time.

Footnote:   This ink for me is about acceptance and finding a place even if it’s different to everyone elses.  It’s also about that erosive longing and belief that a sense of belonging exists somewhere outside ourselves.  In higher places (often out of reach for most).  The shiny places with all the smiley faces.  The bigger and the better.   Often in the rush to get there though, we leave our true selves behind and become something else.    It’s a hothouse for discontent.   The feather reminds me to hold on super tight to who I am  – despite the constant push and shove to be everything I’m not.   The pumpkin?  Think that’s about Cinderella being quite content  (and a little defiant) catching a cab to the ball -despite everyone else arriving in stretch limos.

Find her in Rock The Boat book.

January 29, 2007 - No idea – Womens magazines

IMAGE no idea

No Idea .

Geraldine Mellet (ABC Radio Presenter) talks about women’s magazines setting up every woman to fail when they look in the mirror.  Click image for print PDF.

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