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October 9, 2014 - Canned Kindness


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“KINDNESS has no sell-by date.  It doesn’t have to be packaged, perfumed or prettified.  It is just the most magnificent expression of all that makes us whole and human.  Only the KIND should be listened to in our world.”     John Bird, Author and Editor, The Big Issue UK.  Image from A Revolution of Kindess book by Anita Roddick.

(Reposted from 2009)

July 7, 2011 - Draw On


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“Drawing and visual media were his pain-relievers of choice … a response to conditions of disconnection and isolation.”    (From book pictured).    Tim Burton is the creator/director of  Batman; The Corpse Bride;  Nightmare at Christmas; Alice in Wonderland  and more.   “In spite of claims that he was an inarticulate youth who felt alienated from his neighbourhood environment, Burton’s point of view has always been humorous and high spirited.  Burton made much of his disaffected youth as muse for his early work.

Burton has endeavoured to come up with new models for the beautiful.  Skeletons, severed heads, and bodies and eyes that are stitched and pierced are recurring emblems whose twofold effect is to skewer conformist attitudes and affirm alternative ways of life.   Disfiguring the body (not his, the characters) allows Burton to deliver metaphors of social dysfunction and psychological disintegration with sensual wit. In the end, creativity is the saving grace of Tim Burton’s heroes.  Their example of imaginative activity, as a response to conditions of disconnection and isolation, is the overarching message of Burton’s work.”

(Words from ‘Tim Burton The Exhibition’ book).

May 17, 2010 - Hanky Panky

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Now in my day ……  oh but it’s true, my B girl (note not plural – it was acceptable to just have one back then), had ski suits and full length ball gowns.  Now they’re wearing black guy traps and I’m not sure if that’s fake tan or an attempt to be politically correct?  If you’re a Ken then check out this one on male body image … and these articles written by ABC’s Geraldine Mellet … one on sexualising little girls … another about women’s magazines setting every woman up to fail when they look in the mirror.  Who holds the mirror is another related to this topic … OR click on the Body and Self Image in the TOPIC list on the right to view all articles on this topic.

October 8, 2009 - Book tails


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Did you know … books were never designed to stand on their tails.  According to the very unique, Douglas Firth from Biblio Folio; “As more and more books were produced in the 13th and 14th centuries, storage problems caused a change from laying books on their back covers to standing them on their tails.  This is now normal but little consideration has ever been given to the engineering modifications needed.  A medieval binding will stand up for some time before the text block collapses due to its over engineered structure, but a modern dictionary, atlas etc with all its ‘binding refinements’ certainly will not.  Ironically medieval bindings were stored lying down and modern bindings are stored standing!”

September 29, 2009 - Art of Stormie Mills

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Stormie  is a Perth based artist who started out with graffiti and street art.