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February 16, 2012 - Who holds the mirror?

BLOG hair words

Who Holds The Mirror .

Sometimes the reason we feel so bad is because we allow others to ‘hold the mirror’.  To alter how we perceive ourselves.  Influence and determine how we feel.   One of the hardest tasks is to be able to see and hold onto a clear and positive view of ourselves because we’re being constantly bombarded with toxic messages.  An overload of choice that can tie us up in an endless spin of decision making.  Add to this, the noise and the race to be and get somewhere and the fatigue all of this causes.   And I question, amidst all of this, how do we recognise and keep a firm grip on the good in ourselves?   How do we maintain the energy it takes to stand firm in our own place and resist negative influences and all that makes us feel less, pulls us off course, interrupts our progress?  What happens when you hold yourself still, in your own space for long enough to see through the fog and smog.   What do you see?   What’s real?  What’s a product of your experiences and circumstances – those around you?   What’s worth keeping – and what’s way passed its use by date?

Image from book, In My Room.

October 14, 2015 - A Date With Use-By

use by date

 (Bathroom mirror)

Imagine….if who we are is molded from what we’ve been fed – and all of that had a use-by date.  So who is it you want to be now?  From Clunk & Jam book.  See also, Army of Ink Dump, Dump, Dump, about dumping self defeating habits.  This Rose and Who Holds The Mirror.

September 9, 2015 - The Good Man

all the light we cannot see

(Reading this book at time of poem)


The Good Man .

Where are all the good men,

Who see us, hear us, feel us   /   Touch us with a gentle hand.   /   Who can button our cardigan   /   Tie our bow  /  Kiss us dryly on the cheek  /  And love us in our strength.

Who mind us in our fragile state  /  Cradle us as you would a broken bird  /  Not to satisfy a need within themselves  /  Nor to forever stroke our weakness  /  But to strengthen the flight they wish for us to take.

Where are all the good men,

Who can accept without threat  /  All we invite and excite over  /  Remain seated throughout the pleasure  /  Of each unbridled offering  / And protect the innocence of the gift.   /   Who safe keep precious pieces we discard  /  Hear our strange and distant song  /  Follow notes beyond the noise  /  And return knowingly without taking.

Where are all the good men,

Who keep light and air in windows high  /  Flowers on the stairs  /  Who hold a mirror quietly to the side  /  So we can recognise the newness  /  And the goodness in ourselves  /  Comprehend the whole of who we are  /  And fear no more the stage.

Who wait well outside our hiding place  /  Offer not hand but time  /  A refuge where within we tend neglected hurts  /  Slow to a halt from our exhaustive run  /  And bring to life our dreams.

Where is the good man,

So sure and steady in stride  /  He invites us into our own  /  Where we unite in all our consciousness  /  With the good man in ourselves.

Where we fill with the fearlessness  /  Of taking our very first step  /  And release ourselves from an endless edge.

(Written August, 2015.  In appreciation of a particularly good man, my therapist, Andrew Relph)

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January 17, 2015 - Amelia Bloom Dreams For Paris

amelia bloom petal cloud

Amelia Bloom dreamed flowers grew in clouds and their petals flew to all the dark corners of the world.


bloom balloon

Amelia Bloom dreamed she could turn the world into something useful so she didn’t have to worry about it anymore.


amelia bloom worry bank 4

Amelia Bloom dreamed every street corner had a worry bank so everyone felt safe.


amelia bloom pockets stock

Amelia Bloom dreamed her label featuring pockets full of love, hope and endlessness sold out in the very  first day.


amelia bloom love signs 2

Amelia Bloom dreamed sign posts were made of heart-shaped mirrors so everyone could see the good in their own reflection.


amelia sea breeze

Amelia Bloom dreamed the sea breeze followed her everywhere.



amelia bloom paris

… and Paris was on her doorstep.


Footnote:   Amelia arrived on my page the evening the news broke about the attack on Charlie in Paris. Her stories and images came to mind late at night and I typed notes into my phone.  The next morning I began drawing and Amelia Bloom came to life.  Even in the darkest of times, dreams we do have – and can hold.  And I think her final message, ‘and Paris was on her doorstep’, is perhaps a small effort to reclaim Paris as the city of beauty, light and liberty?   Please share Amelia’s dreaming (and the hope), by passing this on….

September 23, 2014 - Staring Back

straring back c blackman

Warped Selfie .   

Excerpt of article from Fernwood Fitness magazine. Art Charles Blackman, ‘Children Playing’ (original in colour).

When does time spent in front of the mirror stop being about preening and start becoming a problem?  We look at the devastating impact body dysmorphic disorder can have on our kids and how you can foster a positive environment where appearance isn’t everything.   Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) describes a disabling preoccupation with perceived physical flaws.  Affecting both men and women, it causes excessive self-consciousness and, while onlookers might see nothing out of the ordinary, sufferers experience extreme anxiety causing them to withdraw from school and social activities for fear people can also see the ‘defects’ they see in the mirror.   (Guys suffer from this too – see article here) – and/or continue on…..

IMAGE bicep

While the condition is not a recent phenomenon, several mental healthcare professionals cite the damaging impact the media’s obsession with beauty can have.  “One recent development has been social media and its ability to turbocharge the cycle of self-consciousness.  Comparison is an essential feature of BDD, and in a digital context where selfies are everywhere it’s easy to compare yourself to other people,” says Dr Buchanan.

According to the UK-based BDD Foundation, each year one in 330 people diagnosed with BDD commit suicide and, while BDD is more strongly associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder and other anxiety-driven conditions, around 50 per cent of sufferers will have experienced an eating disorder at some point.


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May 17, 2013 - Wisdoms of Rose Party Hat Down

rose party hat on

Rose wasn’t cursed with good looks .

Rose is free from any expectation to be abnormally beautiful 24/7, which leaves her undefinable by looks alone – and alone she is.  Consequently, Rose rarely receives invitations of the social kind but isn’t bothered by being omitted in this way.  In fact, it affords her three good things.  One, more time to herself.  Two, being left alone to be herself.  And three, to live within the containment of her own tangible world.  With such a high level of self acceptance, Rose manages to by-pass all standard dress codes and cosmetic alterations of the conforming and horribly restricting kind – and mirrors.

Footnote:  In a world of ‘likes’, this Rose is incredibly refreshing.  Thinks it’s good to question who and what determines our worth.