September 16, 2011 - World Proof Children

Reposted from 2011, before social media ramped up the problem.


must watch


“Rather than child proofing the world, we need to world proof our children”

Todd Sampson panelist on Gruen Transfer  statement referring to kids exposure to sexualised bill board images and mass media.   See also, Phillips Adams article ‘Bad Times Stories’.

September 6, 2011 - Army of Ink Dump Dump Dump


army of ink dump dump dump

Some things just had to go.

Dump, dump, dump she did, with all the self defeating, nasty little habits she’d hoarded over time.  It was time to take the hanky firmly by a thread and with pedal planted nicely under foot, claim herself a hanky free place where she would no longer need to rely on being picked.  She also trashed the motion of skipping in dizzy circles to get to where she ‘d convinced herself she needed to be.  Now, a short distance beyond the clean-up, she sits to catch the slowing of her breath – reviving her tired little shoes and socks.  And puff went the world.

(Reposted from 2011.  Find her  in Clunk & Jam book 2019.)

July 7, 2011 - Draw On


BLOG timburton

BLOG tburton

“Drawing and visual media were his pain-relievers of choice … a response to conditions of disconnection and isolation.”    (From book pictured).    Tim Burton is the creator/director of  Batman; The Corpse Bride;  Nightmare at Christmas; Alice in Wonderland  and more.   “In spite of claims that he was an inarticulate youth who felt alienated from his neighbourhood environment, Burton’s point of view has always been humorous and high spirited.  Burton made much of his disaffected youth as muse for his early work.

Burton has endeavoured to come up with new models for the beautiful.  Skeletons, severed heads, and bodies and eyes that are stitched and pierced are recurring emblems whose twofold effect is to skewer conformist attitudes and affirm alternative ways of life.   Disfiguring the body (not his, the characters) allows Burton to deliver metaphors of social dysfunction and psychological disintegration with sensual wit. In the end, creativity is the saving grace of Tim Burton’s heroes.  Their example of imaginative activity, as a response to conditions of disconnection and isolation, is the overarching message of Burton’s work.”

(Words from ‘Tim Burton The Exhibition’ book).

June 24, 2011 - Army of Ink Little Me


army of ink little me

Place for little me …

Personal footnote:  Growing up is not so much about leaving the ‘little me’ behind and becoming something else – like a teenager or an adult. Our ‘little me’ is always part of who we are.  Always going to be around in us – somewhere.  But if you’ve had bad things happen to you when you were little, ‘little me’ it takes up a lot more space – leaving little room for play.  The Army of Ink are perhaps the ‘little mes’, taking form.   Coming back to life and playing on the page.  And they’re really strong.  Strong enough to keep hold of all those things that might have happened to ‘little me’.

February 14, 2011 - Stormie’s Space


Stormie photo


Met Stormie in his studio –  a tall warehouse style space, lined with canvas’ giant and small.  Furniture with wheels for regularly rearranging his space.  He’s lived on the streets (by choice) and credits his Grandmother for teaching him about personal responsibility.  Flunked art at school.  Is quiet, unhurried, warm and kind.  Has done a load of community work over the years.  Talks about having ‘a depressive gene’ but  never been debilitated by the illness of depression – in fact, he views the dark gene as a gift that fuels his work.


stormie drawers


He collects old draws from verge pickup piles, drawn to them by the craftsmanship and joinery – the  stories and personal possessions they once held.


stormie scrap book

He keeps scrap books full of pictures, concert tickets, cafe receipts – and people’s ‘lost’ shopping lists.


stormie scrap

stormie scrap 4

stormie scrap book 2

Greatly admires the work of Shaun Tan – particularly his book, The Red Tree. Kindly contributed art to the new Black Dog website home page.   Thanks Stormie.

December 6, 2010 - Eminem Relapse to Recovery


eminem poet 3


Modern Poet .

“The saviour of modern poetry … this guy Eminem has created a sense of what is possible.  He has sent a voltage around a generation.”  Seamus Heaney. Guy Adams writes, “He has done this not just through his subversive attitude but also his verbal energy….  A decade ago, Mathers – an angry young man from the wrong side of Detroit – decided to bleach his hair, adopt the alter ego Slim Shady and transform the landscape of popular music.  In six years, from 1999 to 2005, he recorded five extraordinary albums that sold nearly 50 million copies and gave the city of Motown a new chapter in its musical history.

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