January 5, 2016 - Army of ink Wish Upon A Cake



DIARIES candle


Wish Upon A Cake .

I once wished upon stars.  Books with crosses.   As the white man stole birthdays.  Red man pretended.  Black collars wrapped around truth.  Now I wear the hat that makes me taller than the glaring.   Stays on as I rattle my little box.   Make sticks come alive.  Hard things run.   Soft things dance with my breath.   Spin circles that wrap all the way around me.   And everything disappears .

(Clunk & Jam book, 2019.  Originally in handmade book, ‘Rock The Boat’.)

December 1, 2015 - Army of ink Girl on Wheels


DIARIES rollerskates

They said it would be a piece of cake .


(Reposted from 2009.  Now in Clunk & Jam book, 2019).


November 15, 2015 - Army of ink Garden Grow


army of ink garden grow

How Does Your Garden Grow .

This little soldier discovered that even though the world seemed way too BIG for her – she could create a little room for herself.  And because it was just the right size, she could carry it with her so she could go all the way home wherever she went.   And because it fitted her so snugly, she had to choose very carefully who she opened up to.  And if they didn’t look after her things, they’d been shown nothing more than the door  .

Footnote:  A snail and turtle have the ability to tuck back into their shell to protect themselves – escape.   There are times when we wish we could just disappear – escape too.  Without a shell there are many other ways we can to this and so it’s good to make up your own ‘escape’ list.   And what if when we ‘escape’ we escape into things that help us feel good about ourselves.  Maybe call that list a, ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’ list perhaps? What do you need to do to look after myself – which is not the same as selfishness by the way.  

(Reposted from 2009.  Original in ‘Rock The Boat’ handmade book.  Now in ‘Clunk & Jam, 2019 book)

September 30, 2015 - Army Of Ink Baring Souls


army of ink truth falling

baring souls text

baring souls


Footnote: It’s very important to be the pioneers of our own lives – and to be prospective about our possible future and future selves.  (Originally in ‘Rock The Boat’ handmade book, now in Clunk & Jam 2019.  Handwriting by Mags).

May 15, 2015 - Army of Ink Sailing Still

army of ink sailing still

A time to go – place to stay.

On this particular day, something precious came to its end.  Two breaths became one.

Footnote:   A docked boat is one that has been taken out of a damaging environment for repair and restoration. It’s going nowhere right now, but it still has a place – and relevance.   Perhaps this ‘pulling up’ process is one we have to continually engage in – and make time for.   Time to restore ourselves.  To stabilise and question; ‘Where to from here?’   But the pace of life too often gets in the way.  Interrupts.  And doing ‘nothing’, taking time out for ourselves, isn’t something always viewed in a positive light.   So it’s the ‘stopping’ in the image that seems important.

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April 6, 2015 - Army of Ink Little Star


army of ink twinkle twinkle

Little Star .

When the lights go out I cannot see, but when I sit alone in the dark with the glow of real stars above, the warmth of the distance soothes the longing to be close.  Now, when I go out into the woods at night, it’s not a star that will grant me my wish -it will be my own candle glowing in the dark.

Footnote:   This little soldier is originally from the Rock The Boat handmade book.  Which is what often happens when you endeavor to make personal change.  Or when you tell the truth. It ‘rocks the boat’.  The small, feathery space where she sits calmly with a single lit candle might suggest a quiet, personal vigil.   One that reminds her to value herself and the small space and life she’s so painstakingly created.  A space that keeps her protected from harm – her world snugly contained.  Allows her to control when the ‘lights go out’ rather than the onset of darkness being manipulated by those around her.

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